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Calle 7 No. 305 Entre 6 y 4 Vista Alegre Norte, C.P. 97130 Mérida, Yuc, MX.

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Mérida, Yuc. MX

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Marbol Industria Mueblera (Furniture Industry) is a factory that has been generating solid and firm design ideas for 40 years. With an obsession for quality in every detail, Marbol produces sophisticated furniture that meets every part of the process, from the design to the distribution. 

The company has the balance between woodworkers’ artisanal processes and the usage of high-end technology for the production, all of this in a 40,000 square meter area where 1,700 pieces of furniture are made each week. The industrial design and the collaboration with other designers are the main strengths of the company. 

For this project we made brand-architecture where we delimited two big divisions of Marbol: collection furniture and big projects. We redesigned the existent logotype, which is based in the crocheting of the rattan furniture that was the first material they used when Marbol first started more than 40 years ago. The redesign is based on making a more symmetric logo and use a black and white palette to give prominence to the furniture and their materials. 

From this, we aligned all of the intern and extern communication, for which we developed several graphic applications for the intern stationery, the fabric’s signaling, the uniforms, and even the website design, the social networks, a catalogue for the furniture collection and advertising campaigns, all of this being congruent with the Marbol’s philosophy: Ideas de buena madera (which literally means: Good wood ideas because in spanish, “good wood” is an expression used when something is high quality or someone has a strong character and personality.)