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Calle 7 No. 305 Entre 6 y 4 Vista Alegre Norte, C.P. 97130 Mérida, Yuc, MX.

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Mérida, Yuc. MX

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Lúmina / Módena / Soho

We designed the branding for a real estate agency named Lumina and two of their projects: Módena and Soho. The main concept is based on one thing: Living in design. 

Located in Mérida, Yucatán, a place nowadays growing and in constant development. The proposal for Lumina Design Living, the main brand, starts with a typography inspired by a group of elements that when they come together they form something solid, this represents the company as something with solid basis, and design as differentiation and main element. 

Among the projects managed by Lumina Design Living we also have Modena Desing Houses, a residential development located in Temozon, one of the zones with highest capital gains in the city. The concept of Módena is inspired by the great italian city known for it’s high quality products such as sport cars or balsamic vinegar. The project stands out for it’s excellent distribution, architecture and the good use of space. To express elegance and a dynamic lifestyle we proposed a geometric logo that is able to change and evolve. 

Soho Townhouses is another project developed by Lumina, our concept was inspired by the famous area in New York City, a zone well known for the artists and deeply associated with design and culture. For this logo we used a hand written typography simulating a signature to communicate the personalization of every house of the project. 

We developed an independent image for every brand but we always respected the main brand’s philosophy: Living in design.