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Calle 7 No. 305 Entre 6 y 4 Vista Alegre Norte, C.P. 97130 Mérida, Yuc, MX.

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Mérida, Yuc. MX

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Internationally recognized for its Mexican origin "Acapulco chairs" are comfortable and aesthetic. Céntrico is a brand known for manufacturing these chairs, but also for other innovative furniture proposals using the Mexican artisans "acapulco style" technique. 

To position Céntrico's new brand image inspired on these pieces of furniture and its Mexican essence. The logo´s typeface was created based on these artisan technique used by craftsmen when making these furniture; the typeface is used in black and white for a touch of elegance and formality. 

A range of colors inspired on the colors chosen by the Mexican architect Luis Barragan and his colorist Chucho Reyes on their work, was chosen for the furniture projects, this complements the brand by giving it vibrancy. Creating a versatile and iconic brand in its different applications. Likewise " Objects and furniture of Mexican Design” was created as a description of the brand, extending the range of possibilities, therefor their products can be reinvented freely and continuously. This description also goes with the logo on different applications of brand's communication, placed vertically to break with traditional, reflecting continuous innovation that characterizes Céntrico.