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Calle 7 No. 305 Entre 6 y 4 Vista Alegre Norte, C.P. 97130 Mérida, Yuc, MX.

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Mérida, Yuc. MX

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Es Vedrà is a rocky island located in the southwestern seashore of Ibiza whose picturesque appearance has created some mysticism around it, with stories that include mythical creatures such as sirens or giants, and even aliens from outer space. The truth is that the imposing presence of Es Vedrà is undeniable, and we took it from there to make the graphic identity of a bar inspired by this european island, with an eclectic personality that combines the informality of an After Office bar with the eccentricity of a Mixology Bar. The symbol of ESVEDRA Mixology Bar After Office is based on the geometrical patterns formed on cut glass containers, and the graphic applications revolve around modern mixology by circles representing the action of mixing a drink to create infinite combinations of flavors. The colors black and gold denote versatility, elegance and timelessness, in a bar that incorporates several cultures in order to achieve an innovative and authentic concept.