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Calle 7 No. 305 Entre 6 y 4 Vista Alegre Norte, C.P. 97130 Mérida, Yuc, MX.

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Mérida, Yuc. MX

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Nola-Ola is a love letter to one of our favorite cities in the World: New Orleans. The mythical city born out of the magical mix of impossible coincidences like the legendary Mississippi, the soulful Jazz, the cotton fields, the Voodoo, the ghost stories, the marshes and swamps, the hurricanes, the carnival, the Mardi-Gras, the music festivals, the combination of the French, the Spanish, and the American, the party and the calm, and over everything else: the fantastic cuisine with a unique taste. 

NOLA is the acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana; and it is the basis of our identity. Nola-Ola's branding looks to immerse us in the full experience of the creole and seafood cuisine, in a casual, fun and relaxed environment, where the mixology also has an important place with classic cocktails like the Bloody Mary; framed by the architecture from Colectivo Santos and the interior design from Nodos Estudio Creativo, whose work recreates the magical environment of this legendary city. 

For this branding, we designed a custom typography traced with a flowing and dynamic line, that is coupled with custom icons designed especially for the project to expand the communication not only from our incredible menu but also from New Orlean's identity, with elements like the Fleur-de-lis. Our hometown, Merida, has always been a sister city of Havana and New Orleans, not only because of the geographical closeness but also because of the many coincidences and shared customs, and this shared culture has helped us to create a brand and a place that offers an honest, authentic and unique experience and environment.